January 2006

Today we start the move south.  Next scheduled stop is Tampa.  More than likely we will stop in Ocala tonight.  It is 7 hours to Tampa, which is more than I want to spend in the truck. 

Hopefully we will stay in Tampa a couple of days.  I want to make a trip over to Lazydays, and a visit at their campingworld.



Spent some time with one of the homesteading retirees. He told us of a couple of his money saving finds. So, with Bill’s guidance:

Went to the “Main Deck” last night for free hamburgers. This is a all ranks club. Friday is free hamburger night! Spent $3.00 on beer.

Went to the dining facility this morning for “brunch” had a great breakfast for only $8.20 for the two of us. High cost was because it was brunch. Hmmm.

Hasn’t been two weeks yet and I am ready to go back to work. Maybe once it warms up a bit my feelings will change.

Looks like we are going to stay here for the weekend.  I am in the process of downloading Geocaching locations,   www.geocaching.com , to give us something fun and free to do today.  Really trying to NOT spend any more money except for needs to keep our costs down.  Still have a promise for a movie on our first rainy day.

Had a nice dinner visit with Brian last night.  Passed on the hug from Sally.  Brian is taking off Thursday afternoon to do some tourist stuff with us.

Will write again in a couple of days.  Ray is off at the beach with Sparky.  Laying in the sun, when it is only 65 degrees is not my idea of fun.

Arrived yesterday. After setting up the trailer, we had to turn on the air conditioning! Not quite short weather yet, but darn close.

Had dinner last night with Brian, our son, and got the tour of his house. Got a driving tour of Tyndall AFB. He was just too funny about his car. “Don’t touch the windows, don’t let Sparky put his nose on the windows, do you know how hard it is to keep these windows clean?” I can hardly wait till he marries and has children. Sticky fingers!! Puke in the car! I digress..

It is warm here, and we are just going to spend the week enjoying the ocean and our visit with Brian. Our site is only about 50 paces from the ocean. Nice. Very nice.

The campground where we are staying has 16 spaces. So far 5 guys have stopped by to “chat” with us/Ray. Me thinks they don’t have enough to do.

Arrived at Fort Benning, GA today at 2:00pm.  Not too bad a drive today.  It has been an overcast, with a bit of rain now and again.  This cut the glare of the sun.  Made it a much easier day on the eyes.  Drove about 287 miles today.  Traffic was light.

This campground is a destination!  One of the nicest campgrounds I have ever stayed.  87 campsites and many cabins in various sizes available for rent.  Pool, and showers!  Really nice location on the Chattahoochee river.  Nothing too close together.  Hookups in a logical and easy to access design.

Well, it hasn’t been a week and I am SICK of the truck.  Ray is still tolerant of my Closterphobia and the stress it is causing.  Will keep you posted.

Only have 160 miles to drive tomorrow.  We have reservations at Panama City NAS, and will be there a week.

Changed our minds (again) and decided to route through Fort Benning, GA. This added about 100 miles to the days travel. We left Cherry Point at 10am and didn’t stop till almost 6pm. Was a long day. The sun was glaring most of the ride and tended to make me a tad crabby.    Good thing is Ray knows how I get and just lets me be.

There is good news that came from this alternate route. We spent the night in Aiken, SC. We called up an old friend and had dinner with him. Ate dinner at Ryan’s. Was surprisingly good. Got a after dark quick tour of Akin. We found out he is moving to West Virginia soon.   Made a date to have us some crabs (Maryland Blue Crabs) this summer

Spent the night in Akin RV Resort. Don’t let the name full you. It was a dump. But, only $16.00 and not far off our route.

New Bern Harbor  P1010003.JPG  The Birthplace of Pepsi  Campground

We spent the last couple of days checking out the New Bern area.We were lucky enough to be shown around by a sister of a co-worker.  Karla and Rich spent a moring showing us their new home town.

New Bern is a nice town, not too big, nor too small. Pretty town. Clean. Housing costs are varied. Very quant downtown historic district. (reminded me of old town Fredericksburg) It has a Super Walmart!, a movie theater, Belks, Lowes, etc. Most all the conveniences one would want. Major shopping is only 45 minutes away. Major airport is Raleigh, NC, which is 2 hours away. My sister likes this place so we stopped to pick her up some brochures, and information on one of the new golf communities in the early planning stages.

Know I said this before, but am still befuddled that a community comprised of this many active duty and retired military does not have an American Legion Post. Now, this may not be important to most/all of you…but it really is important to me. I know our American Legion Post is a vital part of our community. We do MUCH for the children, elderly and the veterans in our community that if we were to close our doors the loss would be felt deeply in our community. I also know that I have for years professed that a great way to get involved in our community and to meet people is to become active in our post. The only analogy I could come up with today when trying to explain how I felt to my friend Kathy was: “It is kind of similar to if you are a catholic and there isn’t a catholic church in a town.”  Just really missing something important to me.  My way to become involved in the community.

We stayed in the campground at Cherry Point. Cherry Point is located in the town of Havelock. This is between New Bern and Morehead City. Only 15 spaces. Behind the commissary. Full hook ups. (means we have water/electric/sewer) $15

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